kidsGo! Travel Guides

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kidsGo! Travel Guides

kidsGo! Travel Guides

Phuket (or Bali, Hong Kong, London, New York, or Sydney) do as the locals do. Founded by three mothers in Hong Kong, kidsGo! travel guides were created with the entire family in mind. These guidebooks give the reader ideas for what to do on a family vacation in six popular destinations from around the world. In addition to serving up the standard travel criteria like the best (kid-friendly) restaurants and museums, they share interesting tidbits about the city including do’s and don’ts, historical facts, and handy maps. The illustrations are something to write home about and the site is super interactive, it’s even updated with the newest openings and must-try places in the “latest buzz” section. The result is content that’s never outdated and a site that’s totally relevant and perfect for a family getaway, so bookmark it and start planning.

Photo: kidsGo! Travel Guides


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