Leopard Desert Boot

A while back..

Anniel Leopard Desert Boot, $175.00

Anniel Leopard Desert Boot, $175.00

I shared my newfound love of Anniel Sport Shoes. It was a bit premature seeing as I didn’t actually own any, but since my chance encounter last spring, they’d been on my radar.  So when I got an email from Bird last week and saw these bad boys, my immediate reaction was to reach for my credit card. Anniel Sport was founded in 1976 for ballerinas, their shoes now have a following on the streets of Japan and are quickly making their way here. Throughout the years, the brand has stayed true to what they’re about, making  quality shoes characteristic of a ballet slipper. The desert boot is well constructed with a rubber sole, laces-up and the leopard print.. well, that detail just speaks for itself.

 Photo: Bird



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