Pasta Pot

Another one..

Bialetti Pasta Pot, $39.95

Bialetti Pasta Pot, $39.95

of those inventions I wish I had thought of.  This five-quart aluminum Pasta Pot is from Bialetti, an Italian cooktop and cookware company. It’s most stand out feature is the lock-in lid strainer which is so handy and eliminates the need for a strainer. A less noticeable detail is the width, it’s slightly wider than your normal pot so it handles lasagne and spaghetti noodles without needing to break them.  To sum it up, it’s got a unique shape, the colander lid means one less dish, comes bright colors (orange, purple, blue, and black), and under is $50. Every home should have one of these.

Photo: Bialetti



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