Growth Charts

Growing up..

Pincushion Growth Charts, $70

Pincushion Growth Charts, $70

my mom marked the height of my brother, sister and me on the back of a door in our house. It’s sometimes hard to believe we were ever that little, and I still think it’s cool to have documented. So when I stopped by a new kids’ store that recently opened in my neighborhood, I couldn’t resist picking up this Growth Chart from Pincushion for my nephew. This colorful canvas chart is hand made in India from 100% organic cotton. They are screen-printed with fun scenes in toxin-free dyes with plenty of space to write down other milestones in addition to their growth progress.  The store only had the city scene right now, but assured me others would be coming in soon, so my nieces will be getting one too.

Photo: Pincushion


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