Skateboard Swing


Skateboard Swing

Skateboard Swing

repurposed skateboard.  We’ve talked about skateboard chalkboards, cardboard skateboardslongboards and now a swing.  Pretty cool, right? This swing from Cedar Works is made in the USA at a factory in Maine from strong maple hardwood, so it can hold just about anyone. Not to mention, a lot of skill was involved. Rumor has it that it’s quite a ride, and this is according to kids of all ages. It bends, bounces, swings, but doesn’t break. The only thing it’s missing is grip, so you might want to pick yourself up some grip tape while you’re at it.

Photo: Cedar Works


3 responses to “Skateboard Swing

  1. Whoa this is cool, wish I’d had one as a kid. Anything that gets children outside and active is great, but this is awesome!

  2. Where can I buy one of these?

  3. Neat, we are redoing the kids swing set soon and this would be a great addition…

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