Guest Hunter, Jenny Risher

Jenny Risher..

Jenny Risher

Jenny Risher (pictured with Lily Tomlin)

is our newest Guest Hunter. Jenny and I worked together awhile back (along with a great crew), and had some fun times on photo shoots for Kenneth Cole. She has the kindest spirit and most welcoming smile. Oh, and did I mention she’s an extremely talented photographer? Jenny was born in Michigan and moved to NYC in 1997 to pursue her career behind the lens. She started out working for accomplished photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Joyce Tenneson and Francesco Scavullo and in no time branched out on her own. In an industry dominated by men, Jenny has got it going on. She juggles a career, kids, and has a long list of noteworthy clients. She’s also working on a book called “Born in Detroit” which will contain portraits (photographed by Jenny of course) of 50 iconic celebrities, musicians, sports heroes, and noted people from the city of Detroit.

Jenny’s eye for capturing a moment through a picture is no doubt superb, but be sure to check out all of her picks as Guest Hunter to see she’s also great at spotting other people’s striking photos as well!

Photo: Jenny Risher



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