Blanket Boot


No. 6 Blanket Boot $390.00

No. 6 Blanket Boot $390.00

did it again. No. 6, and their infamous clog boots have come back with some great additions to the collection for the upcoming season. I was at the shop a few weeks ago and saw samples of the blanket boot. Needless to say, I’ve been minorly obsessed ever since. It’s pretty much their classic buckle boot with a panel of Navajo-inspired wool fabric. The fabric’s from Italy, they’re handmade, super comfortable, practical, and oh-so cool. I lived in my shearling ones last season and I’m thinking these could be a great addition to the closet. Thrilled to see them online, I bet my credit card company is too. 

Photo: No. 6 Store


3 responses to “Blanket Boot

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  2. omg I am dying now that I’ve found your blog because I saw these clog booties in Austin this past weekend and am trying to justify the pricetag…. I don’t find shoes I die over very often so, we shall see. Now perusing your blog for more things I need in my life. Thanks! 🙂

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