Nutella and Mascarpone Recipes

In my hood..



there is a great little joint called Dozzino. It’s an artisanal pizza shop and everything is made fresh in a wood-fired oven. Not only do they make the most delicious pizzas and salads but they also serve up some tasty treats. My favorite is the unexpected combination of nutella and mascarpone on a crostini. This bite size dessert is the perfect way to get my sweet tooth fix, while keeping it in check too. Although I wasn’t able to find a nutella & mascarpone crostini recipe that rivals the one at Dozzino, I did come across a few other interesting recipes that integrate the two ingredients. Enjoy!

Nutella and Mascarpone Grilled Cheese

Dessert Pizza with Mascarpone and Nutella

Nutella Mascarpone Phyllo Bites

Nutella and Mascarpone Ice Cream with Hazelnut Praline

Photo: Dozzino



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