Kate Quinn Organics

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Kate Quinn Organics

Kate Quinn Organics

at just over a year, he’s in the 90th percentile for height, 40th for weight, cannot sit still for longer than 3 seconds, and says “dada” and “mama” like the best of them. Physique and smarts aside, the kid’s rocking Kate Quinn Organics, so clearly he’s got style. Well, maybe I’m biased because he is my nephew, but this gift from Rene is a huge hit.  It’s made by former LA stylist, Kate Quinn, who started a line of baby clothes called Earth Organic Baby Basics in 2005. The brand was so well received that she decided to expand beyond baby wear and re-launched the collection in July of 2006 as  Kate Quinn Organics. The line now includes apparel and bedding for little ones as well as women’s clothes. While the assortment continues to grow, one thing that has remained true is the brand’s commitment to making quality products out of the finest 100% certified organic fabrics. She’s all about creating fashionable and environmentally friendly pieces that are super comfortable, on-trend and perfect for throwing on after a long day of crawling, falling, laughing, crying, and whatever else a 1-year old does.

Photo: Josh Scott


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