Thomas Sires

If you..

Thomas Sires

Thomas Sires

live in New York and haven’t been to Thomas Sires on Elizabeth Street, you’re missing out. Fiona Thomas and Alison Sires, both with years of experience in the fashion industry, partnered to open this fantastic shop last holiday season. They have their own line of women’s apparel and a small assortment of very sweet clothing for little ones. In addition, the shop carries an amazingly curated assortment of jewelry, giftables and home products. The women’s collection is full of versatile pieces that are made from beautiful fabrics. All with wonderful details and great fits. Fall 2011 is now in stores, and much like previous seasons, it continues to deliver with innovation and style – from fleece sweatshirts to more dressy, tailored pieces. Everything is super wearable and because pieces are produced by Thomas Sires, you’re guaranteed to not see it all over town.. another plus. Definitely not just another shop in Nolita.

Photo: Facebook


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