Just Kids

I borrowed..

Just Kids

Just Kids

a copy of Patti Smith’s book, Just Kids, from a friend a few weeks ago and I’m totally into it. Not only is Smith’s story fascinating, it’s so interesting to learn about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe and New York in the 60’s & 70’s.  Such a different time. At one point, Smith says “I was there for these moments, but so young and preoccupied with my own thoughts that I hardly recognized them as moments”. She was actually referring to sitting on the floor of Janis Joplin’s room listening to her and Kris Kristofferson sing “Me and Bobby McGee” but that’s just one of the crazy encounters that seems almost surreal to me. Smith is such an eloquent writer it’s easy to get caught up in her story. She’s just bad ass, humble and honest. It’s a must read.

Photo: Harper Collins



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