MilkMade Ice Cream


MilkMade Ice Cream

MilkMade Ice Cream

ice cream, made locally from sustainable ingredients in small batches right here in New York. Oh, and it’s delivered to your door. Sounds kind of amazing, right? That’s what MilkMade Ice Cream is all about. They use the freshest ingredients, and by doing so, support the local food economy. The dairy, for example, comes from sustainable farms in the area. MilkMade Ice Cream creates new flavors on a monthly basis like Salted Caramel n Shortbread, Mint Julep and EVOO&C (EVOO ice cream, layered wtih a homemade Mast Brothers Chocolate swirl). There is one catch, due to limited quantities and distribution membership is required. So sign up here – with the unique flavors, delicious ingredients and the fact that it’s delivered to your doorstep, I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

Photos: MilkMade Ice Cream


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