Rowena Sartin Silk-Wrapped Bangle

Still a fan..

Rowena Sartin Silk-Wrapped Bangle, $30 (each)

Rowena Sartin Silk-Wrapped Bangle, $30 (each)

of jeans, tees and adding interesting details to an outfit through accessories.  These bangles are wrapped in vintage silk fabric, offered in two shapes – a round, tubular shape or a thick, flatter version, and are a pretty cool way to add some individuality to some easy everyday items like a denim jumper or a t-shirt dress.  Wear stacked or layer with other bracelets and a watch, either way you can’t go wrong.  They’re available at Ooga Booga, a store out of LA. With all of the amazing options, the only question is deciding which one?

Photo: Ooga Booga


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