Let’s be honest..



we all have something that makes our New Year’s resolution list every year but never ends up getting “resolved”. Spanish classes is mine. Now living in New York, I really have no excuse – classes are offered at tons of places throughout the city and at any hour I could ask for. But, for whatever reason, finding a place can be overwhelming, making it real easy for me to procrastinate on.  A new site called Betterfly is making it harder for us to not try new things. It’s all about helping you learn, look and feel better. Betterfly offers the largest directories of teachers, coaches, instructors, trainers and stylists throughout the country. So you’re looking to take up the guitar? Enter your zip code and read about the best in your hood, including reviews and ratings from others.  You can even schedule an appointment and pay online.  With Betterfly out there, there’s really no excuse to keep procrastinating on that “thing”. Well, there will always be excuses but let’s be honest we feel better when we’re trying new things and doing what we want, so check it out and get Betterfly on your radar.

Photo: Betterfly

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