Whale Money Clip

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CXXVI Whale Money Clip, $96

CXXVI Whale Money Clip, $96

this money clip as well as the marlin spike knife on CXXVI and am really into the intricate scrimshaw drawings. I hadn’t ever heard the word “scrimshaw” before, but after a little research learned it’s a technique that was created by American whalers while at sea for long periods of time. Out of boredom, they would scratch detailed pictures into spare pieces of whale tooth and bone; the outcome, some really amazing art.  These small goods from CXXVI use that same technique, so each piece of ivory is etched by hand, filled with black india ink and coated with archival wax for protection. The knife is currently sold out, but I’ll be sure to keep checking back. In the meantime, the money clip is a pretty darn good option.

CXXVI Marlin Spike Knife
CXXVI Marlin Spike Knife
Photos: CXXVI


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