Robot Tee

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Mimosa Robot Tee, $28

Mimosa Robot Tee, $28

from Mimosa that the Robot Tees are in! They are the latest project from the brand and are made from 100% organic cotton in the USA. The eco-friendly robot screenprint is available in either gold or silver, depending on the color tee you pick. Mimosa was started by 2 sisters, Ariel and Holly. They are from a creative family, their mom an artist and their dad a writer, so it isn’t a huge surprise  these two had  an entrepreneurial itch.  Holly does all of the illustrations and Ariel handles much of the business.  The result is a line of unique tees, prints and cards that are made with the highest quality materials.   Customization is also available.  I was thinking the Robot Tees for my neices and nephew, but all the prints are very sweet, so it’s really hard to pick one. I guess if this is the hardest decision I’m dealing with, things aren’t so bad!

Mimosa Hedgehog Love Tee, $25

Mimosa Hedgehog Love Tee, $25

Mimosa Penguin Tee, $25

Mimosa Penguin Tee, $25

Photo: Mimosa


3 responses to “Robot Tee

  1. O, these are adorable! Super glad to have discovered your blog 🙂

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