Ale et Ange

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Ale et Ange

Ale et Ange

Ale et Ange while walking from Chinatown to meet the other half of threetwentyeight, Rene for afternoon margaritas at Bario Chino. The shop carries a really well-designed assortment of contemporary merchandise that has great detail and is perfect for everyday wear. The whole concept is really cool actually. It opened in March 2009 by two designers, Osore Oyagha and Eloise Simonet in a basement-level shop in the Lower East Side that was decorated like a London apartment – complete with a stove, bathtub and lots of knick-knacks. They make their clothes locally in small quantities, from 2-50 units based on the amount of fabric that’s available and have fun prints as well as great basics. Though the concept hasn’t changed, they have since moved a little west and are now on Rivington between  Freeman Alley & Chrystie Street. The line is only available at their shop and it’s certainly worth the trip to Chinatown.

Ale et Ange

Ale et Ange

Photo: The Scout



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