Loki Longboards

Functional modes..

Loki Longboards Lazyboy - L

Loki Longboards Lazyboy - L

of transportation that also double as pretty cool works of art. UK based company, Loki Longboards was recently launched by the furniture company Young & Norgate. To fully appreciate Loki, it helps to take a look at what Young & Norgate is all about. The company consists of a small group of designers and craftsmen who create timeless pieces of furniture that are contemporary, simple and made from the best materials out there – hand picked wood from local suppliers, iron from New York and leather from Scotland.  Customization is available and all pieces are made to order. Clearly a lot of skill, love and dedication is put into every piece they create.

Loki Longboards Custom Setup

Loki Longboards Custom Setup

Loki uses those same philosophies and core values for their longboards. They take unwanted or unused furniture and make sturdy boards that have interesting details; whether it be variations in the wood itself or a random nail hole, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Hand crafted and hand finished with tung oil which provides a natural grip and weather protection. Not to mention they get their trucks and wheels from Paris Truck Co and Seismic Skate Systems, just confirming the fact that they’re super durable and going to last a long time. Seems like it’s pretty much the perfect summer cruiser.

Loki Longboards

Loki Longboards

Photo: Loki Longboards


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