Shabd Pack

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Baggu x Shabd Backpack

Shabd Pack

for the essential summer bag is over. I tend to gravitate towards carryalls that have lots of room, can easily store my computer and are on the less expensive side. I have been all about backpacks lately, a little bit nerdy but a lot practical. I was thrilled to see the collaboration between two brands that produced this pack. Baggu is a staple in reusable bags, and designer Shabd Simon-Alexander is a master of dyeing fabric. The Shabd Pack is made from recycled cotton duck canvas, and nothing me happier in fashion than tie-dye. But, if the daypack is just too reminiscent of your younger years you care not to revisit, it’s also available in the chic Shabd Tote.

Shabd Tote

Shabd Tote

Photos: Baggu



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