Summer Sessions Surf Shop

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Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

New Hampshire has 18 miles of seacoast.  Like most beach communities, water sports are a big part of the everyday life there and one activity that has become super popular is surfing. It’s always had a community up there, but until recently it was kind tough to break in to.  The sport in itself is a bit intimidating, especially in a place where there’s only 18 miles of coast – you’ve got a bunch of people out there who know what they’re doing and are willing to brave any conditions Mother Nature throws their way.  Not to mention it’s not cheap, requires expensive equipment like wetsuits and a board.  All of those factors make good excuses for not procrastinating on getting in there and trying to ride a wave for the first time (even if it’s something you really want to do).  Until now that is.

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions has made the sport, and the whole lifestyle way more accessible. The surf shop was started by two brothers who grew up surfing in Rye, Ryan and Tyler McGill. Not only did they offer a good selection of merchandise, they also provided lessons to teach people of all levels and ages about the sport.  Today, they offer private surf lessons for $50 an hour, semi-private lessons for $40 an hour as well as board and wetsuit rentals for $35 a day.

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

Since opening their doors, Summer Sessions has grown and expanded in super smart ways. Most recently, they relocated to the infamous Sandpiper Country Store. The Sandpiper is a local convenience store that has been around forever and is situated directly across from Jenness Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Rye and on the busiest street – Ocean Boulevard, so it’s passed by pretty much every beach-goer.

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

They kept the aesthetic  of the outside as is, totally rustic, but converted the inside into a one-stop shop. It now has everything from bagels and beer to sweatshirts and surfboards.  It’s a total lifestyle they’re selling, that’s welcoming, has good coffee, healthy snacks, product that makes sense, and a knowledgeable  staff. Local guys making a business out of what they love.. now that’s pretty great.

 Photos: Summer Sessions Surf Shop, Seacoast Online

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