Portsmouth, NH – Eat Like a Local

As we’ve said..

Street Food 360

Street Food 360

we did our fair share of eating and drinking while in Portsmouth. It just so happens that we’ve got a great source for the inside track, so here are a few spots we hit up:

Breaking New Grounds Coffee

Breaking New Grounds Coffee

Breaking New Grounds is a local joint that is the place to go in town for coffee. It was our pseudo-office on more than one occasion, but we weren’t just going there for the free wi-fi. The coffee was remarkable and we snacked on organic yogurt from Maple Hill Creamery.

Me and Ollie's

Me and Ollie's

After our morning cup of jo’ and work session we would head on over to Me & Ollie’s for lunch. They have a fresh selection of breads to choose from like Honey Whole Wheat, San Francisco Sourdough, Triple Seed, Balsamic Herb Rolls and Cinnamon Swirl to name a few. If you’re craving more than just carbs, their menu has an endless selection of healthy ingredients and the assortment is really affordable. They also sell their famous Granola Munch, which has been voted New Hampshire’s best granola & luckily it can be found online too.

Jumpin' Jay's Cafe

Jumpin' Jay's Fish Cafe

During our stay we had some wonderful home cooked meals but Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Cafe was at the top of our list for dinner spots. Local fisherman deliver fresh fish daily to the casual and low-key restaurant. The “catch of the day” menu is always changing but never disappointing – New England’s seafood at its finest!

Photos: street food 360, threetwentyeight, New England Photos, Jumpin’ Jay’s

-three & twentyeight


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