Portsmouth, NH – For The Kids

Being that..

Modern-twist Placemat

Modern-twist Placemat

Monster Placemat

Monster Placemat

New Hampshire was a great getaway without the babe (thank you Nick), I wanted to keep the agenda mostly grown-up. Wine, work, shopping and uninterrupted meals were such a treat. But while browsing at Nahcotta, twentyeight came across this placemat from Modern-twist and I knew I had to give it a shot. Meal times kind of stress me out because sitting still and eating are just not on a 1 year old’s list of enjoyable activities. The food safe, BPA and chemical free silicone placemat offers fast and distracting fun. It’s such a clever idea- you can color, wipe clean and reuse again with the dry erase markers that come with it. The company was started by mom of three, Kat Nouri, who works with independent artists to come up with these creative designs. Nutrition, spirituality and organic farming were all important parts of Nouri’s life growing up, which is shown through the spirit of Modern-twist.

Children's Museum of New Hampshire

Children's Museum of New Hampshire

On another note if you just can’t get away from the family, or just don’t want to, there is a ton to do in and around Portsmouth. Close by is the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, there’s always endless fun at the beach, a day trip to York Wild Kingdom, theme park excitement at Water Country, toy stores like G.Willikers and Treehouse Toys, and who wouldn’t love to indulge in some ice cream from Lago’s at the end of the day?

Lago's Ice Cream

Lago's Ice Cream

Photos: Modern-twist, Children’s Museum of New Hampshire. Lago’s

-three & twentyeight

2 responses to “Portsmouth, NH – For The Kids

  1. Beautiful blog..and thank you so much for being a part of the M-t family. Funny thing is my kids came up with our best selling product line….the kidz boxes. Kids are beyond amazing,

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