Guest Hunter, Tracee Yang

We’ve got..

Guest Hunter, Tracee Yang

Guest Hunter, Tracee Yang

Tracee Yang as our Guest Hunter this week!  She’s a New Jersey native and one of the first people I met when I moved to the city in 2003.  She and I were assistants together and spent long hours pulling product information for stores. We also rolled racks down 5th Avenue on occasion, counted sweaters and tripled checked pricing.. yes, fashion is totally glamourous.  That said, Tracee has over 8 years experience in the fashion industry now and has been involved in merchandising, design, PR – even helped pull off numerous shows during the infamous New York City Fashion Week(s).
Tracee knows a ton about the industry and is one of the biggest shoppers I know (and that says a lot).  Handbags are one of her biggest obsessions, or weaknesses. And she’s a total tourist at heart, recently spending time in Paris. Tracee’s all about exploring new places and is sure to pick some of the best, more undiscovered gems wherever she is.
Click here to check out her picks – in her words.
Photo: Tracee Yang

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