Chemex Coffeemaker

This one’s..

Chemex Coffeemaker, $45

Chemex Coffeemaker, $45

for my dad. He’s a coffee guy and recently traded in his fancy high tech coffee maker for one of these old school Chemex Coffeemakers.  He’s convinced it brews the perfect cup of coffee in 4 minutes flat, and according to the Old Faithful Shop’s product description, he might be right.  It was made in 1939 by a famous inventor named Peter Schlumbohm out of heatproof borosilicate glass (with a wooden handle). They are fairly hard to come by, I found this one online at Old Faithful Shop, which makes sense seeing as the Vancouver based shop specializes in well-made, everyday products that when possible are hand-crafted – much like the Chemex Coffeemaker. It serves a purpose and is sure to outlive that teched out machine sitting on your kitchen counter.

Photo: Old Faithful Shop



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