Sonny Boutique & threetwentyeight Team Up

Just a reminder..

Pico Pillows from Sonny Boutique

Pico Pillows from Sonny Boutique

to like us on Facebook for your chance to win a pico pillow.. it’s that easy! No catch, sign up and regardless of where you are it’s free.. totally free (including shipping).  All fans will be entered into a drawing and we will pick a name at random at 3pm on April 28th. the winner gets their pick of one of these pretty cool little guys. Thanks to the adorable online shop Sonny Boutique, your dream of having your very own pig or fox just might come true!

Note: we’re saying ALL of our Facebook fans, because if you’ve already signed up – consider yourself in!

Photo: Sonny Boutique

-three & twentyeight


8 responses to “Sonny Boutique & threetwentyeight Team Up

  1. These are too cute! Consider me now a fan! =)

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