Habanero Jelly

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That's my Jam! Habanero Jelly

That's my Jam! Habanero Jelly

this guy’s doing. The self-described “jam geek” from That’s my Jam! is making small batches of jams & jellies from organic, local ingredients right here (or there) in Brooklyn. No preservatives, artificial anything and a lot of love. That’s my Jam! started when a friend gave him about 20lbs of apples and he made his first batch of apple butter. The company has expanded from there, flavors now include: caramelized onion jam, vanilla peach, grapefruit marmalade, pear ginger jam, and my personal must-try habanero jelly. Even the packaging’s spectacular – you can thank his friend Alix who helped with the design. Toast will never be the same again!

Photo: That’s my Jam!



3 responses to “Habanero Jelly

  1. I’ve seen habanero jelly before but haven’t tried it. I need to quit being a wimp!

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