It’s hard..

Koolabah Striped Turtleneck Hoodie

Koolabah Striped Turtleneck Hoodie

to make a trendy line that’s also unisex, but Koolabah has done just that. This edgy little kids’ brand makes clothes that combines the functionality Scandinavia is known for with that clean Japanese aesthetic. Koolabah was started a few years ago by a husband-wife team after they had their first child.. something tells me they must have the coolest dressed kid/kids in town!  They make clothes for ages 0-6 and it seems as though they gravitate toward solids or simple prints and use their unique design details to make the statement. So the line’s contemporary and modern, but also super comfortable and versatile. Most importantly, they omitted all of the “decorations” designers have an affinity towards using when making clothes for kids. Smart, very smart!

Koolabah Striped Saurel Pant

Koolabah Striped Saurel Pant

Koolabah Green Dotted Tailtee

Koolabah Green Dotted Tailtee

Photos: Koolabah



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