Anniel Sport Shoes

Kind of loving..

Anniel Sport Shoes

Anniel Sport Shoes

Anniel Sport shoes from Italy. Another brand I was introduced to during market (I have to say, learning about brands/designers makes long days and running around the city a bit more worthwhile). Annie Sport was created in 1976 for ballerinas. Recently, it gained popularity on the streets of Japan, which sparked the expansion of the collection. The silhouette has characteristics of a ballet slipper, but it’s offered in a ton of colors & styles – all with rubber-soles and suede or super-soft leather. Yes, please!


Photo: Rakuten


5 responses to “Anniel Sport Shoes

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  2. yes, please is right! a shop in my neighborhood has these in the window… and i finally got around to trying them on..heaven! they have them in about a dozen different styles and i can’t decide which ones to get…there’s a tan pair like the desert boot style above that’s distressed with metallic gold. but i also love the mousey grey desert ones…so cute and comfy, too.

  3. akatwentyeight

    i know, i love the options! i’m having a tough time finding them in my neighborhood, but really think they are the perfect shoe for this weather.. love your blog by the way 🙂

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