No.6+BAGGU Tote Bags

A collaboration..

No.6+BAGGU Tote Bags $12

No.6+BAGGU Tote Bags $12

worth mentioning. No.6+BAGGU team up to make the reusable tote bags BAGGU has become known for in prints for the No. 6’er. These lightweight totes are designed in the iconic plastic bag silhouette, but are way more durable – they hold up to 50 pounds. All come in little pouches (shown below) that come in super handy. Since the bag doesn’t have pockets, I throw little things like my keys and cellphone in it, so they’re easier to find. Available in: Constellation (black and crème) and Animal Animal prints are available in: Graphite, Honey, Fuchsia, and Cobalt. For more info, email:

No.6+BAGGU Tote Bags $12

No.6+BAGGU Tote Bags $12

Photo: No. 6 Blog


4 responses to “No.6+BAGGU Tote Bags

  1. I love the bags with the constellation like design. Its totally simple! But the design is quite unique!

  2. akatwentyeight

    I completely agree – I have one in the honey color and love it.. so functional, but also totally unique!

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