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Smiling Planet Coloring Book

I can’t get enough of..

Smiling Planet Coloring Book $14

Smiling Planet Coloring Book $14

Smiling Planet! This co. was founded by an awesome husband and wife team (love that), Olivia Haviland and Freddy Deane, who create safe, organic, earth friendly and sustainable dishware, clothes, books, and beyond for kids. I love the whimsical idea behind this coloring book, let it be whatever you want it to be and take you where you want to go. So fun!



J.W. Hulme Legacy Bag

It’s summer somewhere..

J.W. Hulme Legacy Bag

J.W. Hulme Legacy Bag $410

it’s hard to think that that’s even possible, but it’s true!  IT’S SUMMER IN ARGENTINA. I’m heading down there next month to visit my sister and her family – super excited about.. I just realized how soon it’s going to be here and have been starting to think about what to pack. One given is my new J.W. Hulme bag I love the classic look – just need to get it embossed before I head south – it’s a complimentary service  they provide and such a great, simple touch!  I bought it in Buckston, but it also comes in Burnt Latigo.

Photo: Steven Alan


No. 6 Shearling Clog Boots

Living in..

Leather Shearling Clog Boots

5" Leather Shearling Clog Boots $360

my No. 6 shearling boots.  Everyone said I would. I know I’m late to it, but can’t not mention how happy I am with this purchase. I’ve been wearing them pretty much none stop since I bought them last month. They are comfy, warm and good in the snowy, slushy NY weather. Worth it!

*AW11 is now available! Check out No. 6’s update to their classic buckle style – the blanket boot!

Photo: No.6 Blog


Hippopotamus Bookends

Kind of obsessed with..

Hippo Bookends

Hippopotamus Bookend $58.00

WHITE! I’m not sure where my obsession with white stems from but it became really apparent while decorating my apartment last winter.  I was constantly on websites, blogs and through the wonders of the web was introduced to a pretty great store A+R. I bought 2 of these white hippos and use as bookends..highly recommend!

roller skate door stop

Rollerstop Bookend/Doorstop $95.00

I’ve been back and forth about the roller skate door stop they also sell. I really don’t have a use for it, but I do love it..

Photo: A+R


Imoni Leather Mittens

If I could..

Leather Mittens from Imoni

Imoni Leather Mitten w/ Fur Lining $255

buy one more thing today it would be these leather mittens from Imoni, a brand out of Sweden. I’ve kind of been obsessed with them since trying them on at no. 6 before the holidays. They are fur lined and longer than most. For a pair of mittens, they are pretty hot!

Photo: No.6 blog


Diamonds & Studs

Pretty cool..

Aggressive Ring by Lusasul

Lusasul Aggressive Ring w/ Three Spikes $129

jewels from lusasul.  I came across this ring on StyledOn a minute ago – and fell in love with the uniqueness of it.  I like the construction and the spike/diamond combo. The elegance of the diamonds and the toughness of the spikes are a cool mix.  Luz del Carmen Zambrano, the creator of lusasul uses silver to make pieces that are super cool, great everyday items> Not to mention, totally on trend and great little statements. I’m in love with her collection, especially the Aggressive Ring. Perfect with jeans and a tee!

Pyramid Stud Cuff by Shayan Afshar

Shayan Afshar Pyramid Stud Cuff $375

The spike remind me of the pyramid stud cuff by Shayan Afshar. I saw at Curve early last summer and obsessed over it for about a month, finally went back to buy it only to find that it was sold out.  I ended up searching online, and after a lot of work and much deliberation of which metal to buy, bought it in gold. Loved it. Note: I’m using past tense there, it feel off my wrist last week and has not resurfaced.

Photo: StyledOn (ring) and (cuff)


El Yucateco Green Chile Habanero Sauce

I can’t live without..

El Yucateco Green Chile Habanero Sauce

El Yucateco Green Chile Habanero Sauce $3.49

HOT SAUCE – it just makes everything better! For those who know me (or have just had a meal with me), know that I am a big fan of spicy food. Bario Chino’s habenero margarita got me into margaritas, I use hot peppers whenever possible and am addicted to this delicious green sauce that a great restaurant in NY has on every table, but couldn’t find it at any markets – anywhere! So you can only imagine how happy I was to come across the mexgrocer.. I think the site is pretty great – all authentic Mexican products, but I’m most excited about el yucateco green chile habanero sauce! Ever since introduced to the stuff, I’ve been pretty much obsessed!